Welcome to Caffè Brixton

We’re firm believers in the power of food to connect you to the local culture.

We Brew Awesome Coffee

We use fair-trade beans to make our delicious brewed coffee.

Share our Food & Beliefs
Share our Food & Beliefs

We are proud that the majority of our foods, drinks, pastries, and desserts have been
prepared using clean and sustainably raised ingredients.

Say Hello to Organic Ingredients
Say Hello to Organic Ingredients

We are committed to promoting organic agriculture, and supporting local growers
and food producers whenever possible.

Perfect Time for a Break

There’s nothing quite like sitting down with a local on your travels and breaking bread.

Have a look at our menu

We only use the finest local ingredients.

Our Drinks Menu
Our Awesome selection
Our Daytime Menu
Feel good grubs
Our Evening Menu
Quality Food
Our Brunch Menu
Great brunch delights

Stay updated on our events

Check out the fun well worth your discovery.

Oct 28th
short description here
Nov 20th
Ninkasi Sleigh'r Release and Extreme Beer Book Signing: Nov. 20
May 7th
The sounds of a perfect Monday night cheap and fresh Margaritas. Mexican food Specials.
Jul 23rd
Deluxe Veggie Hot Dogs with the purchase of a pint of beer. 5pm - 1am
Sep 30th
Tacos $2 | Shaken Fresh Margaritas $5 | Weekly Veggie Taco & Special Tacos

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Shoestring budget? What's our weekly features.


The world's premiere bohemian Absinthe

Iced Drinks

Shaken & House made Cold Iced Drinks. Organic Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade. Mango & Orange Pekoe Iced Tea.

Falafels Fridays

Fresh and hot falafel in Naan bread. Gluten-Free. Served with Tzatziki or hot sauce.

Ginger Soother

Cure hat's ailing you. Nothing like a Ginger Soother. Made with natural ingredients. Lemon, ginger, honey. Served hot or cold.